Hall Hire Terms

CASUAL HALL HIRE (one off hire)  

The Hall as at 9/7/21 cannot be booked, until the NSW Government advises otherwise.


When opened again, please read the following -
1.  Check NSW Government COVID-19 rules to ensure your event conforms  Click on this link 

2.  Check the online calendars to see when the Hall is available -
      Mon – Fri hire:  https://www.empirebayprogress.org.au/calendar-Mon-Fri
      Sat – Sun hire:  https://www.empirebayprogress.org.au/calendar-Sat-Sun


3.  Download and read the HALL HIRE FORM (click here)  and complete Application Form (last 2 pages of the Hall Hire

     Form) and email  to ebhallbookings@gmail.com

      Read the CODE OF CONDUCT (click here).

4.  Pay the $75 booking fee to the EBPA (bank account details are on the form) to be made at the time of booking (non-

     refundable) to secure your booking. All other costs are outlined on page 6 of the Hall Hire Form


1.  Neighbourhood noise: strict rules apply to noise allowable when hiring the hall. Party noise MUST cease by 10pm or

    police will be called.

2.  Complaints related to noise and/or anti-social behaviour will be referred to the Police at the time of receipt of complaint.

      If Police are called the hire of the Hall may be immediately terminated (at the sole discretion of the EBPA or appointed

      officer) and the Hall will be vacated. Hiring fee and security deposit will be non-refundable.

3. Consumption of alcohol outside the Hall and its garden areas is prohibited.  Hiring fee and security deposit will be



Should you wish to hire the hall on a weekly or monthly basis, please email your interest to: ebhallbookings@gmail.com