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Families and retirees feel so welcome in Empire Bay. The neighbourhood and community spirit is truly alive. It  has a great village vibe.  If you are new to the Bay or a long-time resident, volunteering will give you a feeling of doing something worthwhile and a great way to meet locals too.

Play space boulder.jpg

Play and exercise park

Empire Bay Progress Association has been successful in making our community's play areas an amazing place for the whole community.  For families, playgrounds provide space and structure for children’s socialisation, imaginative play and physical activity and with the addition of exercise machines, elder members of the community can enjoy too >>>

Senior Citizens celebrating Christmas lu

Community events

Community and fundraising events organised by members of our community. There are many groups where you can find friendship and have fun through social interaction and activities, whether you are retired or still working >>>



Do you want our local community to be different?  Perhaps a little different, with a new bus stop or perhaps something for families, or a new road? Maybe an idea for a fantastic event? Think about the changes you want to see, and make contact >>>

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